Die Cutting

Finecut Finishing primarily started as a die cutting and creasing company servicing local printers with all their finishing needs. We have continued to invest over many years offering B1 die cutting and creasing.

We have built up a fantastic reputation for quality finishing and we intend to keep it!

Die cutting materials such as plastic, polypropylene and card of all thicknesses takes skill and an eye for detail which we take great pride in.

We proudly boast two Auto Bobst die cutting machines that can strip waste automatically and an auto in-line gluing machine for ticket wallets and folders.

Running alongside these are our two B2 heidelberg cylinders that are used for most folder work, creasing and perforating.

Again we boast a further two B1 hand platens. These machines are used for thicker material, kiss cutting and shorter run lengths.

Hand finishing capability

We strongly believe in producing good quality work and will take that extra step to ensure this happens. Not only do we have access to hundreds of home workers for large handwork projects, we have on site bench staff that can finish your product with the expertise that you deserve.

Die cut concertina brochure

Presentation box with handle